Friday, February 20, 2009

Get the facts on Dutra's latest ad in the Argus Courier

We note that the Dutra Group has paid for yet another full-page ad in the Argus Courier, boldly making many claims on p. C8 of the Feb. 19th issue that simply do not stand up to scrutiny.

Rebuttal from Friends of Shollenberger Park
Dutra's claim: The proposed asphalt plant and barge offloading facility is nothing more than a "relocation" of its previous operations.
Fact: "Haystack Landing is a new large plant. Dutra's temporary small operation was shut down Nov. 1, 2007 by Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) for operating without a permit and failing to meet Best Available Control Technology."
Dutra's claim: "The new location is in an industrial area ..."
Fact: "The Haystack Landing parcels would have to be rezoned from commercial to 'industrial' to accommodate the plant, with amendments to the recently adopted Sonoma County General Plan."
Dutra's claim: "[The Dutra Haystack Landing Project] is subject to more than 140 conditions ... that will ensure protection of air quality, the ecology of the Petaluma River, aesthetics and the environment."
Fact: "Dutra has a record of non-compliance in Petaluma and in Marin Co. (See Marin Co. Grand Jury Report.) BAAQMD has issued numerous violations to Dutra in Petaluma for noxious emissions.
Two 70-ft. storage silos and a large industrial plant would greet visitors to Sonoma Co. and Shollenberger Park. They would create a negative, stunning sight adjacent to the view corridor protected by Measure D in 1998 by a super-majority of Sonoma Co.'s voters, as well as across from Shollenberger Park."
Dutra's claim: "Normal operating hours will be Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM."
Fact: "Use Permit allows 24/7 operations for Cal Trans and other government projects, their target customers. They will operate 24/7."
Dutra's claim: "Emissions from the plant will be contained ..."
Fact: "Fugitive blue gases outside the plant (carcinogenic PAHs) will enter the air from trucks loaded with hot asphalt. It is easy to say emissions will be contained. The risks to the public are too great and Dutra's record of noncompliance is of great concern. Diesel exhaust from trucks, loading every three minutes, all day long, is a health hazard to nearby residents, visiting schoolchildren at Shollenberger Park, and wildlife."
Dutra's claim: "[The Dutra Haystack Landing Project] includes over 19 acres of restored wetlands and habitat that will remain as open space."
Fact: "These so-called wetlands would contain toxic water: runoff from dust control and the operation. Open stacks of aggregate and crushing of rock and recycled asphalt create toxic dust."
Dutra's claim: "Noise from operations will also be contained ..."
Fact: "The EIR states that noise levels to sensitive receptors (people) using Shollenberger are unacceptable and cannot be mitigated. As loud as a rock concert (112 decibels)."

Check out Save Shollenberger Park for links to documents supporting this rebuttal.

Click on this link for a tool box of action items for you to use to be productively involved in this effort.

Read how our County Supervisor Mike Kerns sold us down the river on this one.

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