Saturday, February 21, 2009

Supportive words from a P4C member

We received the following message this morning from one of our members who's been involved for awhile now and who is hanging in there with our group while we transition from a long campaign to an even longer period of legislative change:
Just a quick note on a Saturday morning to let you and all the folks working so hard on this website and other activities, that I truly appreciate your efforts. You make it possible for many more of us to stay more informed and to do "at least something."


Here is our response to this support:
We can't tell you how good it feels to get an e-mail like yours. Thank-you so much. We're going to share it with the others in our core group who are working so hard to keep everyone engaged meaningfully.

We have a terrific group in Petaluma. Only a very small handful have dropped out, and those drop-outs were predictable. They were either those who got involved right at the very end of the campaign, who seemed to be interested because they wanted to see what was going on and to be able to tell others they participated in it, or those who complained during the process that things weren't going as they thought they should be.

Thanks again. Very, very soon, the Obama administration is going to have specific legislative tasks for us, to get the change we all voted for through Congress. This kind of work is not as glamorous or as sexy as the work to elect a "hero," but it is way more meaningful.

We have to keep reminding one another why we worked so hard for the 2008 presidential campaign. We didn't do it out of hero-worship, out of some sense that some dude (or dude-ette) was going to ride into the White House and save us from the mess America finds itself in at this moment in our history. We did it out of a belief that we could bring about change with the right person as our President.

We so greatly admire all of our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even strangers who remain committed to this arduous civic project we are all a part of. Petalumans4Change, you/we rock!

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