Saturday, January 24, 2009

Comments from P4C community organizers about their National Day of Service projects

Sarah organized two separate projects, a pet supply drive to benefit local-area animal shelters and no-kill rescue organizations, and another to benefit the new dementia/brain trauma unit of the Yountville Veterans' Home:
We ... had an amazing response ... People were so gracious. I had a wonderful two days!
From Ken, who organized a donation drop-off for COTS, our local-area homeless shelter:
Our event was an extraordinary success! I was completely overwhelmed by the response ... Thank you again for all your support. It has been an absolutely phenomenal experience.
From Margie, who is not a member of P4C, but whose project we supported by inviting our members to participate in it. Margie organized a clean-up project at Shollenberger Park:
We ended up with over 100 people who signed in ...! Several very good outcomes besides the numbers. Thanks for ... help getting the word out.
And from Jeff, who organized a smaller canned food drive for the Petaluma Kitchen with his neighborhood group of ten volunteers:
Our group donated 26 bags of groceries to the Petaluma Kitchen ... for our public service contribution.
Hope everyone blog posts about your projects at Community Organize!

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  1. I love seeing all the support generated for all these projects. It's amazing. I just got a message from Monica Savon, the Assistent Director at Vida Nueva. They received a part of the COTS donations. She said: "You are truly amazing! How can we thank all of the folks that are helping you with these wonderful donations?"