Friday, January 30, 2009

A P4C member returns from DC fired-up & ready-to-go!

P4C member Linda Sandoval is back in town from her trip to Washington, D.C. for the inauguration. "How was your trip?! Are you ready to change the world?"

Here's Linda's response:
Totally an adventure! The most memorable part was meeting the many people from all parts of the country/world (Switzerland, Canada, etc) who came just for the inauguration! Cuban family from Miami, Trinidad -descent family driving from Florida, picking up a "Grand" Aunt in Georgia, 3 generation family driving through the night from Chicago, etc.

We were able to see the concert(HBO) on Sunday, did get to the Mall on Tuesday, all went well. Saw many personalities, including taking a picture with Al Franken, and even though it was very cold and lots of crowds, the people were extremely friendly and not one incident with 1.8 million people descending on D.C. Already planning on going again in 2013!

I am very inspired to "Be the Change", going to volunteer more, extend a hand more, etc. The experience was something I will never forget.

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