Thursday, January 8, 2009

P4C Day of Service Projects

***UPDATED January 14th! Check out our new projects!*****

Join P4C in meeting our 44th President's request for service in honor of MLK and the inauguration....

HOPE for Veterans: Benefiting the Veterans Home of CA Memory Care Unit

Veterans Home of CA in Yountville is opening a new section of the dementia/memory loss unit to accomodate soldiers from all conflicts with alzheimers, dementia, and traumatic brain injury with associated memory loss. The "activity center" in the unit provides the Veterans with projects and important social opportunities which are clinically proven to delay further brain deterioration and increase cognitive/motor function skills. Equally important, these activities improve the quality of life for our valued veterans.

Four-Legged Friends 4 CHANGE: Pet Supply Drive

In honor of the Obama Families most anticipated new arrival ... A pet dog for Sasha and Melia ... P4C is sponsoring a Pet Supply Drive! Drop off your donations of food, gently used or new toys/supplies, or even a couple of dollars on or by January 19th. Supplies will be distributed between the Petaluma Animal Shelter and local no-kill animal rescues in honor of the Obama family and their new "First Mutt".


The Committee On The Shelterless helps homeless families and single adults bring stability, safety, and independence back into their lives. COTS provides emergency shelter and transition housing to families and adults in crisis. For the adults, the children, and their homes, there are material needs to help rebuild lives and dreams. We will be collecting valued items at a home in Petaluma from 10-11am on January 19th. For all the great details and to sign up go to:

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