Saturday, January 24, 2009

Organizing for single-payer health-care

Thank-you to the 94 people who co-signed the single-payer health-care letter written by five members of P4C: Linda Sexauer, Bonnie Allen, Janice Kearns, Connie Madden, and Sarah Gibson! I submitted our letter in two stages, due to the trickling in of signatures. Today, I will send in the third stage.

And thank-you to everyone who also submitted their personal health-care stories to the Daschle team, while it's in the process of formulating our new national health-care policy.

This is going to be a big struggle, getting single-payer to pass through the US Congress. It won't happen overnight. There are just too many powerful and influential interests invested in our profit-driven system. I predict that this change process will be an incremental one. We are still building the national organization of citizens who will participate in this struggle. By agreeing to be a co-signer, you became part of that national organization.

If you haven't already, please join Community Organize. It started out as a California statewide organizing forum for all of us who volunteered our time, spent money to travel to and work in battleground states, and used our cell phone minutes to speak with voters all across the country to build the campaign that got Obama/Biden elected to the White House. It has grown and is now attracting members from all over the country, and the world, providing us with an on-line presence that is resulting in citizen teams that will all work together in the years to come to bring about this whole "change" thing. Our strength lies in our sheer numbers, and Community Organize is a vehicle to capitalize on that strength.

The White House team is paying very close attention to what is happening and being said on Community Organize. For those of us "political/social change junkies" who are following this site very closely, we are noticing that many of the communications, both written and video-taped, coming out of the White House, reflect strongly what we are saying to each other in the forums and blog posts on Community Organize. I believe that Community Organize is one of the epicenters of change right now.

So please consider joining this forum. Right now, it is mostly communications between all of us, within our geographical groups and nationwide, with the site managers creating new congressional district groups based on new members signing up. But very soon, this forum will become a hub where we will all, once again, become "bundles of energy" working together for a common purpose, just as we did in the months leading up to the election.

Thanks so much!
Linda Carpenter Sexauer
community organizer, P4C

Watch this video of the Health Care Community Discussion which took place on Dec. 29th at the Petaluma Community Center:

For a copy of Doug Roffmann's report of this meeting, which he submitted to the Obama-Biden Transition Project, please contact me. I'm happy to send it as an attachment to your e-mail address.

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