Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inaugural bash at the Phoenix

The Petaluma Progressives and MoveOn put on a heckuva party Tuesday evening, one that had a wonderful spirit of community! It was open to all, with no admission fee. Donations to benefit the Phoenix Theatre were suggested, but not required. All age groups were in attendance. Lots of kids, young ones as well as ones of older high school-ages. Young twenty-something's, senior citizens, and everyone in between. And what an amazing array of potluck dishes were contributed! There was so much delicious food, it was difficult to decide what to put on your plate. The music was perfect, and appealed to all.

Thanks to all who put so much time and effort into putting this event together, and making sure it was a hit.

This party was a tremendous statement of community in support of the new administration of our 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama!

From Bonnie, one of the organizers for this all-community event:
... I must say, the event succeeded beyond our wildest imaginings. Many people put a lot of work into planning, publicity, logistics, and creating the tent, the donation bins and the wall decorations. Notable were Steve Dyer and Lorin Bell, Laurel Hill, SteveDella Maggiora, Dusty Resnek, Brian Mealins and Sueann and Chuck Sher. A half-dozen of us attended weekly planning meetings--on Sunday mornings, no less.

We also had donations from Jungle Vibes, Noah's Bagels and others. The Sofa Kings and Phoenix Jazz Workshop donated their services as well. Tom Gaffey of the Phoenix did the sound.
From Connie, another party-organizer:
Many, many people put this wonderful night together. [We were overwhelmed at how many] brought stuff to imbibe and chew.
Here's a link to some photos on Petaluma 360.

Would love to hear from those of you who attended. Any observations? Comments? Anecdotal stories from the evening to share? Leave them as comments, or e-mail them to Linda Sexauer.

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