Sunday, March 15, 2009

Agenda for P4C Mar.18th leadership meeting

7pm - Human Race Project (HRP)
HRP will tell their story, show a short video, find out if there is interest in P4C about an HRP seminar & group project. You can read about one P4C member's experience w/HRP at this link.

7:30pm - Spring into Action Volunteer Recruitment Fair
Sarah Gibson's community project to bring together many local service organizations into one public venue, so that they can do outreach for volunteer recruitment & to collect donations, is really coming together. Click on this link to read Sarah's press release.

7:45pm - Upcoming six days of phone banks.

8:15pm - Featured members speak.

New P4C leader/coordinator of energy issue-based working group:
If he is able to come to this meeting, Jeff W. will introduce himself & talk about his interest in energy issues, his new role as a P4C leader/coordinator of this group, and his volunteering to discuss President Obama's energy agenda with the public at our Mar. 21st OFA Pledge Project table/booth at the Spring into Action Fair.

P4C's May social event:
Initial organizer, Connie M., to talk about this event. Downtown location. Open to public.

Friends of Shollenberger & Clean Air:
Greg R. will provide an update on the Dutra project & how P4C members can stay/become involved.

Facebook as recruitment tool:
If she is able to come to this meeting, Paula B. will report back on her offer to look into P4C using Facebook to recruit new members.

8:45pm - web site & 501C3 status, & April's meeting (at Janice K.'s home).
Progress report on still-under-construction web site & our efforts to attain 501C3 status.

If she is able to come to this meeting, Janice K. will announce the day/time for April's meeting, to be held in her home.

8:55pm - wrap-up.

Wed., March 18th, 7pm
Home of Connie Madden & Wayne Morgenthaler
(the original Jungle Vibes)
215 Water Street, Petaluma
Along the water near the
E. Washington and Petaluma Blvd. intersection
behind Thai Issan restaurant.

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