Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The money honey bee

Very entertaining Comedy Central clip from Mar. 16th Jon Stewart Show that, believe it or not, is very informative about one of the financial legalities that has ruined the US economy. While we're all trying to figure out how to hang onto our jobs, how to afford to pay our health insurance premiums, how to keep up our mortgage payments, how to attract new customers to replace the ones that stopped purchasing our goods and services five months ago, and how to feed our families without having to visit the local soup kitchen once a week, it's good to get a little insight into the thinking of those who think our economy is one big crap shoot/slot machine/betting booth.

It's legal!

It oughta be a lot of fun on Saturday at our Pledge Project table at the Spring into Action Fair, talking up President O's economic agenda to rally nationwide support of his 2010 budget, in the wake of his administration's handing over $170 billion of our money to AIG, who summarily handed over $165 million in "bonuses" to guys with the same moral ethics as this clown in the Comedy Central video. Bring along your optimism and sense of humor, and join us!

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