Monday, March 16, 2009

Let's stand by one another!

We're losing our jobs. And our health coverage. Our kids' public school teachers are getting laid off, along with many other essential service-providers employed by our schools. If we own a business, we're losing customers. Our savings took huge hits in the October financial meltdown, and for the most part, they've continued to deteriorate since then.

Now, more than ever, is when we all need to pull together and help one another out, do all we can to survive the current and still-coming economic "whatever-you-want-to-call-it."

Playing for Change: Peace Through Music is an award-winning documentary that I ran across last fall during the heat of the campaign. I hope you will watch this short video from the documentary and feel inspired to reconnect with those of us who are continuing our work together for change.

We need help with our "Six Days in One Week" Phone Banking Event.
We are looking for homes as sites for these phone bank parties. Can you open up your door to our group again?
  • Sun. Mar. 22nd 12noon-4pm
  • Mon. Mar. 23rd 5-8:30pm
  • Tue. Mar. 24th 5-8:30pm
  • Wed. Mar. 25th 5-8:30pm
  • Thu. Mar. 26th 5-8:30pm
  • Sat. Mar. 28th 10am-4pm
We have a meeting coming up this week:
Wed., March 18th, 7pm
Home of Connie Madden & Wayne Morgenthaler
(the original Jungle Vibes)
215 Water Street, Petaluma
Along the water near the
E. Washington and Petaluma Blvd. intersection
behind Thai Issan restaurant.

And Organizing for America is asking us to participate in its Pledge Project Canvass.

We hope you'll reconnect with us for change!

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