Monday, March 16, 2009

The CEOs guide to jetting

JetBlue is hitching a ride on populist anti-CEO sentiments in this new advertising campaign.

It is sooo worth the few minutes it takes to watch these three shorts. We can't get enough opportunities for healthy belly-laughing right now!


  1. I suppose you would like to spend a few minutes about Nancy Pelosi and her demanding private flight schedules on the dime of the public? I suppose that you will find some way in your mind of justifying her simply because she sits on your side of the fence.

    I propose that we do just what you would like to do...Let's make profits illegal and ban corporate wealth. Lets allow the government to purchase up all the banks and other such institutions. Then, lets provide healthcare, a monthly stipend, and housing to all Americans. To go further, we will make public talk of religion illegal to avoid any offense to anyone. Sounds awesome, other than our country would rapidly crumble and collapse under its own weight. The internet that gives you such a precious platform to spread your anti-capitalistic rhetoric would die a quick and painful death.

    But the funny thing is...the only one to receive any blame after the whole thing would collapse, would be the greedy businessmen, not the incompetent and over sized government

  2. Yes, Tim, many of Pelosi's constituents are doing just that. Apparently, you're unaware of her approval rating, esp. among her so-called supporters.

    Your entire comment is completely unrelated to anything in our post. It's just a good laugh, Tim. Ha-ha. Let me give you some advice. Oops. Now we're doing it.