Monday, March 16, 2009

Watch a US soldier give a motivational pep talk to win the hearts and minds of the new Iraqi police force

Warning: Not appropriate for young ears.

You gotta wonder what President Obama would think about his Iraq policy, were he to watch this video clip of America's finest winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. On our dime.

I think this guy needs a little R&R. Or maybe it's just time for us to come on home. Let the Iraqi people sort through the rubble on their own.

Maybe when he returns from this deployment, he'll apply to be a police officer in our town. Help clean up the tent-city riff-raff that's cropping up due to job losses and the foreclosure crisis. He could bring his AK-47 and hang out down at the soup kitchen, berating people for not going out and getting their own goddamn food.


  1. Let me give you a little advice...try not to start commenting on things you know absolutely nothing about. These same kinds of speeches happened in Bosnia under Clinton, Vietnam under Kennedy, in both World Wars...These kinds of speeches happen in Korea, and even within our own forces. These are men that are intended to be held to a higher standard to their country, to start actually fighting for their freedom. For many, this takes a very hard lined approach. Did you want him to gently swoon them into submission, kissing their hands and being oh so nice. Let me give you a little more advice. In an ideal world under ideal circumstances, your pacifist liberal ideology would be effective and would work. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. We live in a world with unscrupulous murders and cheats. This soldier could have used cleaner language (BTW...these words were never translated directly into profanity in arabic). If we treated these new Iraqi forces as children and then simply left the country, everything that has been done would be for naught.

    The sky will start falling when more and more Americans become ignorant to self motivation, setting goals, and being your own person. The more we depend on government to save us, the more we will be disappointed. This is not utopia.

  2. Tim, always love people who start out with "let me give you a little advice."

    Both Sec. Gates and Gen. Petraeus are on the record saying that there is no military solution to Iraq. Time to take a load off of our armed forces, off of our war spending, and bring 'em on home.

    That soldier should not be doing that job. His pep talk will not result in a better Iraqi police force.

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