Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Terrific letter to the editor in today's PD from P4C member Elaine Larson

EDITOR: You neglected to disclose that Doris Laul, a “Shollengberger Park user” whose letter you printed favoring putting an asphalt plant at the designated scenic gateway to Wine Country, is a Dutra Group employee (“Dutra’s value,” Letters, Friday).

The idea of having to trade tourist dollars, our health and well-being and the very existence of a world-class bird sanctuary for an oversized, polluting asphalt plant is not even worthy of consideration, but this is what Dutra wants us to think is a great opportunity.

The Dutra plant, just like other asphalt plants, needs to be sited where it can do the least harm to people, wildlife and the environment. Dutra also mailed a masterpiece of propaganda to Petaluma residents last week, but anyone who heard the many experts with no vested interest speak at both the Jan. 26 Petaluma City Council meeting and the Feb. 3 Board of Supervisors meeting knows it is nothing but desperate lies.

We must hold our supervisors accountable to enforce the Sonoma County General Plan 2020 and not allow the travesty of an asphalt plant disrupting a bird sanctuary to proceed.



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